Love Jawns: A Mixtape

That's Another Whole Story

February 29, 2020 Dr. Bruce Campbell Jr. aka DJ Junior + Morris, Jones & Jones Season 2 Episode 1
Love Jawns: A Mixtape
That's Another Whole Story
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Featuring Brooklyn-born interdisciplinary poet & sound artist TRACIE MORRIS + QUINCY SCOTT JONES whose first comic, Black Nerd with artist Ronald Nelson, will be released this year + HETTIE JONES, one of the most prolific Beat poets of her generation. Spun by DR. BRUCE CAMPBELL JR. aka DJ JUNIOR, a professor who runs his own independent record label, Record Breakin’ Music. “But that’s another whole story” is a line from Hettie Jones’ poem “All Told.” 

Intro - Vince Anthony w/Yolanda Wisher
New York City - The Audible Doctor
Blackout 1977 - Tracie Morris
This Poem Would Like To Start With Thank You - Quincy Scott Jones
Childhood Memories - Freddie Joachim
All Told - Hettie Jones
Outro - Vince Anthony w/Yolanda Wisher